Prepare your business

If the coronavirus hasn’t disrupted your business operations yet, there’s a good chance it will soon.

This first wave of illness will not be the last time the coronavirus disrupts daily business operations.

We’re here to help business prepare to return to operations in this new way of work

COVID-19 Business training

In the course you will learn all the basics to be compliant with the government recommendations set out in the NSAI report. 

To train staff you are required to retain appropriate documented information as evidence of competence.

By taking our course and taking our final exam with a make in excess of 80% you will receive a certificate. 

The National Standards Authority of Ireland have set out guideline in the document “Covid-19 Workplace Protection and Improvement Guide”


The course is divided into 6 lessons with a mix of tutorials and video to help you understand all that is required to inform your company staff about COVID-19 


13 topics cover all meterial mixed between videos and meterial for all you will need to understand all your requirements to conduct a in-house training for your company


Each topic has an exam required to contunue the course. at the end you have an exam with 50 questions

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