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Return from Transfer

After a temporary transfer select a resident from the list. Enter the return date. Select the wing, floor and room for the resident. Select the type of resident and category of resident. Enter source address and resident notes. Save and close.


Use this only for temporary transfer where you expect the patient back to their room. First, select the resident from the list. Select the date for the transfer From the drop-down list select where the resident is being transferred to Select the reason for the transfer Finally add the forwarding address and any notes appropriate


Re-admitting a resident is for returning residents who were previously a resident in the nursing home. Select a resident form the list. Enter the date of the return of the resident. From the drop down select the type of residents the resident is returning from. Enter the floor and room the resident will be staying …

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Chose the discharge option when a resident is leaving the nursing home. This option is only for residents when they are leaving for good. Click on the residents name from the list. pick the discharge date. Select from the drop down list the place they are being discharged to. Enter a reason for the resident …

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On the screen the resident to be admitted should appear in the list on the top box. If the patient dose not appear here then refer back to the pre-admission lesson. Click on the patients name and contunue to the end of the form. Once complete click save and close.

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